| By Carvalho Araújo


Time, a long thing when considered abstractly, is today summarised to moments. Without time for pleasure, enjoying the result, without time to understand, assimilate, reflect, improve...
The time in which the image precedes the concept became an act of illusion, in which the client is now the owner of a virtual reality, in which the approximation of reality is its greatest lie and the architect is a forced illusionist.
Virtual visualisation releases the client from the journey time, history, consistency, trust and philosophy of the designer / architect. The space-time relationship is reduced to a single image moment, in which the project is presented to the customer as tangible as the real one, but without the complexities of the space and of the physical location.
So easy the illusion of the seemingly conscious decision of the client and made the most of by the architect.

We are passively contributing to the rubbish dump city.

This the time of the building-work, commercial product, product without content, that sells itself to itself, autistic, relevant as a spectacle, but without practice and timelessness. We are passively contributing to the rubbish dump city as described by Rem Koolhaas.
Architects are forced to alter their approach, to become a manager, not in the poetic and diplomatic sense, but from a prospective of looking for other models of approaching the markets.
Today I find myself saving time on trips I make alone. The quality of time is as or more important than its quantity. When overloaded, the mind halts in a limbo of absence, of thought without memory. And without memory there is no time! Therefore time today is just a fraction of itself.
In this urgency of time we will stop managing to create heritage and will end up agreeing with those who substantiate the unconditional preservation of the old. We will be forced to see architecture as an industrial product, with its very own life span. Short, efficient, but disposable.
This is our time to act...