| By Maria Cruz

Artist House

Medieval renewed



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At the top of a hill, home to no more than ten people, in the historic 13th-century Italian village of Civita di Bagnoregio, which you can only reach via a 70-metre-high suspension bridge, stands a small house – the Artist House – which is none other than a medieval building. Traditional stone houses, with original façades, create a historic setting. In partnership with the local mayor, Airbnb, the company responsible for the restoration, has created, in this space, a retreat of creative inspiration for artists and travellers spending time in it. With the help of celebrated art curator Federica Sala, the designers have returned the old, rundown house to its original glory. Surrounded by valleys and rivers (Chiaro and Torbido), Civita di Bagnoregio is renowned for its artistic heritage. In keeping with the village’s culture and tradition, the Artist House has become a piece of art, with contemporary artworks depicting local ravines, orchids growing in the valley, alongside bronze orchid sculptures scattered both inside and outside the house.